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VeryAndroid Contacts Backup - Backup Contacts for Android on PC
Price: $19.99

VeryAndroid Contacts Backup is a smart android contacts backup and management software. It not only can copy and backup contacts on Android phone to computer, but also works perfectly in restoring contacts from computer to any android phone directly.

Keep your android contacts safe and manage your android contacts on computer easier than ever. With VeryAndroid Contacts Backup, you can automatically transfer your android contacts to computer or save them as vCard file, CSV file,or TXT file as you wish. Moreover, it brings you the shortcut to move your other phone’s contacts to your android phone directly. No valulable contacts left behind anymore. More importantly, you can use PC Tool for VeryAndroid Contacts Backup to manage your contacts on computer directly, such as create/edit/delete a contact/contact group, change contact picture and set contact ringtone. All android users should own such a powerful android contacts backup manager.

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Why choose VeryAndroid Contacts Backup?

  • Copy and transfer Contacts from Anroid to computer
    Copy contacts from Android to computer easilly. VeryAndroid contacts Backup helps you to transfer contacts from android to computer in a few simple clicks. Simply connect your android to computer via USB or WIFI for contacts backup.
  • Backup Contacts from Android as vCard file, CSV file or TXT file.
    Easily backup contacts from Android as a vCard file (*.vcf file), CSV file (*.csv file) or TXT file (*.txt file) and save it in your SD card. Or you can transfer contacts from android to PC directly first and then export the contacts to a document file from PC Tool.
  • Restore contacts to android phone any time. Backup Contacts for Android
    After you backup your android phone's contacts to computer or a backup file, you can restore it to your any android phone any time. Restoring contacts to a new android phone is also supported.
  • Transfer contacts to android from other phones.
    Want to transfer contacts to Android from other devices such as an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia etc? As long as you have your contacts file in correct csv or vcard format (no matter it’s exported from android or other os phones), VeryAndroid Contacts Backup will help you transfer it to your android phone perfectly.
  • Set or change contact picture and contact ringtone.
    To change contac picture or set contact ringtone on computer becomes so easy with our PC Tool for VeryAndroid Contacts Backup.
  • Manage contacts easily on computer..
    With PC Tool for VeryAndroid Contacts Backup, you can also view all the contacts on computer, add a new contact, edit a single contact's info, delete contacts, create a new contact group, add contacts to a group, import contacts from a file or export contacts to a file etc.
  • 100% clean, safe to download and easy to install or uninstall.
  • User-friendly design and very easy to use.
  • One time fee and lifelong free upgrade.
  • Free and quick customer support.


VeryAndroid Contacts Backup - Backup Contacts for Android on PC

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