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How to use PC Tool for VeryAndroid SMS Backup on computer?

You can view all your sms in threading mode on your computer via the PC Tool for android sms. More intuitive.

  • 1. Backup SMS from Android Phone to a CSV file.
    Backup SMS from Android Phone to a CSV file with VeryAndroid SMS Backup (Step by step guide). Then connect your Android Phone to your computer and copy the sms backup csv file out.
  • 2. Import SMS from CSV file into PC Tool.
    Click "Menu" -> "Import" or click "Import SMS to PC" Button to import your csv file sms into the PC Tool: :

    Import SMS to PC

    Select a CSV file and click "Open" to import.

    Import SMS to PC

  • 3. View SMS in threading mode via PC Tool for VeryAndroid SMS Backup..
    After importing your sms messages into the PC Tool, you can view them in the threading mode as follows:

    View SMS in threading mode on PC
  • 5. Export SMS to document files
    Click "Menu" -> "Export" or click "Export SMS" Button. You can export sms messages to different document files format such as csv txt or doc for further use.

    Export SMS

    Moreover, you can also choose to export messages from a single contact only. Simply select a contact and then right click -> "Export":
    Export SMS

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