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VeryAndroid SMS Backup - Backup and restore SMS messages

VeryAndroid SMS Backup - Powerful Android Backup software!

VeryAndroid SMS Backup is the first smart android sms backup and management software. It can copy and backup sms on Android phone to computer, restore sms backup file to any android phone, and also send messages or chat with a friend on computer directly, exactly the same as that you do on your android phone.

Keep your android sms safe and manage your android sms easily. With VeryAndroid SMS Backup, you can automatically copy your android sms to computer and save it as CSV file or txt file as you wish. Moreover, it brings us the shortcut to move your other phone’s sms backup file(CSV files) to your new android phone directly. No valulable sms left behind anymore. More importantly, you can use PC Tool for VeryAndroid SMS Backup to manage your sms on computer directly. You even can send messages on computer or sms chat with your specific contact directly on your computer. All android users should own such a powerful android sms backup manager.

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Customer Remark
"Just wanted to say what a wonderful tool it is. I've spent over a year trying to find a product like this. I love the way yours is setup where one can look at the messages by the actual contact. Top markes 5 stars Grrrrreat product!"

- Robin Quist